Fiction Guy

Meet ‘Fiction’, someone who peddles more rumors than Wawa peddles coffee.

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines, we know there are a lot of fictions out there. And sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust, what to believe, and where to get clear information.

So, to help you make the best decision for you and your family, we’ve tapped some familiar Delaware County faces to help everyone to learn fact from fiction.

Michael Barkann
Meet Michael Barkann
Delco Ambassador

If you think the vaccines will alter your DNA or a single shot is enough to keep you healthy, you can trust Michael to give it to you straight.

Michael Barkann is the Host of NBC Sports Philadelphia and a longtime Delco resident.

When it comes to sports, Michael has long been a trusted authority for the people of Delaware County. We trust him to talk about touchdowns, power plays, slam dunks, and home runs — and we can trust him to help more people learn the facts about the vaccines.

Rosetta Carter
Meet Rosetta Carter
Delco Ambassador

If you’ve heard the vaccines are expensive, or that if you have an allergy to eggs that you can’t get the vaccine, you should listen to Rosetta!

Rosetta Carter is the Director of Community Health Education Services for the City of Chester and a passionate Delco resident.

For Ms. Rosetta Carter, it’s her job to help you learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines. No, literally, it is her job. And don’t let her soft voice fool you, as Director of Community Health Education Services, she’s passionate about getting all the facts out there so you feel safer.

Emilio Buitrago
Meet Emilio Buitrago
Delco Ambassador

Can everyone get the vaccine, and how much does it cost? Emilio assures us that the vaccines are free and accessible to everyone.

Emilio Buitrago, does a LOT for our community. He is the Delco Commissioner for Governor’s Advisory Committee on Latino Affairs, the Secretary for the PA Democratic Latino Caucus, the Founder of Casa de Venezuela, and Delco resident.

Emilio is so committed to helping get the facts about the vaccines out into his community that he says it in English and Spanish. And he truly is a voice for the Latin community as he serves on the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs. And that’s a fact.

Ariel Diehl
Meet Ariel Diehl
Delco Ambassador

Some people say the COVID-19 vaccines cause fertility problems and isn’t safe for expectant mothers. Ariel talks about the facts.

Ariel Diehl is a Registered Nurse in Delaware County and one of thousands of Delco residents in healthcare who has been battling on the front lines of COVID.

Healthcare workers have been the true heroes of the COVID-19 health crisis and Ariel is no exception. She doesn’t always wear her superhero cape, but you can trust it’s there as she tells her friends and patients the facts about why the COVID-19 vaccines are necessary.

LaDontay Bell
Meet LaDontay Bell
Delco Ambassador

Can the vaccines give you COVID? Wondering if the vaccines are safe for your children? Coach Bell has something to say.

Coach LaDontay Bell is the Chester City High School Head Football Coach, the winning coach of the 2021 United X Championship, and a champion Delco resident.

Coach LaDontay Bell is well known for recently coaching the Chester football team to the U-10 Championship. But his commitment to his players goes well beyond the field. So, it only makes sense that he wants to help more people learn the facts to help beat COVID-19.

Linda Rooney
Meet Linda Rooney
Delco Ambassador

Are you worried about microchips, and have a distrust of the government? Talk to Linda.

Linda Rooney is a Republican Candidate for Inspector of Elections, Media Borough North and an involved and engaged Delco resident.

You could say Linda is a local mover and shaker. She runs her business in Delco and is active in local political circles here, too. To her, the vaccines aren’t political. It’s just a matter of keeping her neighbors and customers safe and healthy.

Emily Barkann
Meet Emily Barkann
Delco Ambassador

Whether you’re worried about variants or becoming magnetic, Emily’s got the facts.

Emily Barkann is a local graduate student and a Delco resident who has educated herself about the facts surrounding COVID.

When you know, you know. And that’s clear with Emily. This grad student knows a thing or two about the vaccines and she’s not afraid to say it. She’s just not that into fiction.