There are many COVID-19 vaccine rumors circulating these days. Delco Ambassador Linda Rooney speaks sense to the FICTION that the vaccines can’t be trusted because of microchips and government involvement.

Fiction Guy

The vaccine has a microchip in it to track people.

Linda Rooney

There is no microchip in the vaccine.

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Seriously. There are no traceable ingredients in any COVID-19 vaccine. They don’t contain any metals, electrodes, or microelectronics.

Penn Medicine doctors explain that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines contain mRNA — a piece of genetic code naturally found in our bodies that tells our cells what to do. More than 30 years ago, scientists discovered how to make our cells create virus-like proteins and trick our immune systems into making antibodies to fight those viruses. That’s all.

Fiction Guy

The FDA says the vaccine is safe, but I don’t trust the government.

Linda Rooney

FDA staff are recognized around the world for being experts in evaluating vaccines.

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The FDA’s public health experts aren’t politicians. They’re biologists, nurses, chemists, doctors, epidemiologists, pharmacists…all trying to help people like us. They look carefully at data from vaccine makers and clinical trials to make scientific decisions that benefit our health.

And thank goodness for that — because without drug safety rules in place, we’d all be at more risk. (“How stuff works” details what life was like before the FDA was created, and it’s not pretty!)

The FDA’s job is to decide whether a vaccine’s benefits outweigh its risks — and risks of the virus it’s designed to fight — before allowing it for emergency use.


"Facts over Fiction: Global Experts"
Delco Ambassador Linda Rooney
Republican Candidate for Inspector of Elections, Media Borough North

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